SP Chase aka Jaqk of Diamonds

No Life is an ordinary life and no journey is ever the same. Whether you feel like $10,000 or…$10. The vision Travis keeps in mind is to always take listeners on a journey to feel like $10,000. Travis developed his stage name based on the $10,000 bill which features the first Attorney General of the United States, S.P. Chase. One day Travis’ dream of earning a $10,000 bill and framing it to hang on his wall will be achieved.
At an early age, S.P. Chase has always been engaged in music. It wasn’t until the electronic generation enabled him to master his craft without fully getting into production. For the better part of a decade, S.P. Chase has taken his incredible skills to manipulate his sound by dropping loops, a cappella and samples into his mixes to spice up his sets. His technical expertise has allowed him to edit music to create mixes that push the electronic boundaries. With these abilities, he has proven that he brings to the dance floor rapid-fire sets while reading each unique crowd!
S.P. Chase has been rockin’ the scene by playing House, Electro House and Progressive House. He has been musically influenced by Richard Vission, Bad Boy Bill, Mixin Marc, Alex Peace and DJ Dan. S.P. Chase spends time sharing his love of music at events and passing out his DJ mixes to build his street credibility. Travis believes the secret of happiness is his drive to share music! This occurs from the moment listeners receive one of his mixes at an event all the way to his sets at large scale venues. S.P. Chase is always taking listeners on a journey through music! His music will always make people feel like $10,000!!!
Ultimately…the journey for listeners and his dream will be S.P. Chasing…