DJ Brexx

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana Bryaan Rexx was born with music in his life. From the brass band sound of the New Orleans streets, to the Jazz that put it on the map, Bryaan loved it all. Growing up with a Saxophone in one hand and a piano in the other, music was always at his fingertips. Joining the Navy at the age of 17, he has traveled the world listening for that perfect beat. It was during this time that he was introduced to electronic music and began pop locking with the CRZ Crew out of VA beach VA. From going to shows and dancing the night away, he learned the value of a good DJ with grooving sound. He set his sights on becoming that DJ. From that day forward it was on. Practicing and refining the sound, constant learning and improving, this is the journey he is still on today. I urge you to show some support, rock out and enjoy the music. I introduce to you, the man, legend, your grand mom’s favorite DJ…Bryaan Rexx!